Website ADA Compliance


The exponential growth in web accessibility lawsuits has a widespread effect across industries, with small and medium businesses in the center of the storm. Lawsuit numbers are estimated to continue to increase as the need to enable accessible digital experiences becomes more prominent.

Once a company receives a Demand Letter, a settlement is virtually imminent - Let us show you how to affordably and quickly make your web site compliant!

Our Solution


Over the last 15 years, netCentrix has assisted companies with ensuring that their websites meet the various guidelines (WCAG, ADA Title III, Section 508, EAA, etc) using the Traditional Manual methods such as running scanners and adjusting code and content. This costly and time consuming process requires constant monitoring and auditing of websites, especially in the eCommerce world where dynamic content is prevalent. Simply put, keeping up with this requires many resources and expenses which ultimately makes smaller businesses susceptible to litigation.

After performing years of research into more proactive solutions, we chose to partner with accessiBe - an AI (artificial intelligence) based platform. Its widget based solution "intercepts" web page rendering, correcting and sanitizing content to make sure websites adhere to the various guidelines thereby reducing the amount effort from the traditional manual process by more than 99%! In addition, accessiBe performs daily scans with which its AI learns about new functionality and content and dynamically adjusts page renderings. Monthly health reports are provided to show 100% compliance or remediation suggestions if found.

In addition to reselling the accessiBe service, netCentrix offers a low cost monthly maintenance plan which monitors monthly scans and assists in any required remediation. A typical installation takes only about 2 weeks and includes a compliance certification.

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acessibe - AI based engine, rendering...

Monitoring and Auditing

Dyanmic Content and changing guidelines - needs to be contstantly monitored

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