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Bridging the Gap between Storefronts and ERP/OMS/WMS

In today's world of disjointed sales channels, it becomes expensive and time consuming to share order, customer and inventory data between systems.

Our Bridge Connector is the perfect solution. This cloud based system passes pertinent data between systems, such as online stores and POS, to backend ERP systems, such as Fulfillment and Data Warehouse environments.

For example, you may have an Amazon store and need to download orders to your A/X or Ecometry/DirectCommerce systems. The Bridge connector provides the integration to transfer these orders as well as send back order tracking information. In addition our Connector service can keep inventory levels synchronized between both front end and backend environments as well as customer information.

Centralized Inventory - When inventory is sync'd with the Bridge Connector (either manually or through available automated processes) - the Bridge Connector will update all of the store fronts and eCommerce channels with the latest info. No more separately managing each one!

This service is perfect for Fulfillment/Distribution companies! Once we are connected to your Order Management system, you could then expand your current capabilities to all of your customers.

An average integration takes less than a week. Unlike similar services that bill for a share of your revenue, our cost is an affordable, monthly flat fee.

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